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Thousands of Canadians may qualify for up to $45,000 in refunds from the CRA – Do you?
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Disability Tax Credit The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) reduces the amount of income taxes eligible Canadians are required to pay on an annual basis. Gaining DTC approval can result in more than $45,000 in refunds paid directly from the Canada Revenue Agency, and future annual tax savings of more than $4,500 per year. It can be difficult for deserving Canadians to gain approval – that’s where Swift comes in.
Why partner with Swift Disability Services? Our experienced staff provide you with a free assessment over the phone and let you know if you may qualify. We work with your doctor and the CRA to build your application and give you the best chance of approval. You do not pay us anything until you have been approved and have received a cheque from the CRA. In order to receive a refund from the CRA, your household must have been paying income taxes during the years in which you suffered from your condition.
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