About Swift

Swift understands how to get you approved. We handle every aspect of your application. We work with you, your doctor, and the CRA to ensure that your application has the best chance of success. Check out our testimonials from members on Facebook.

Why choose Swift Disability Services?
  • Experienced Advocates Highly trained team with a proven track record of successful application approvals
  • A Team That Cares Our team is built on individuals who want to make an impact on the lives of Canadians. If we believe you have should qualify, our passionate staff will stop at nothing to help you get approved
  • Trust and Security We take extreme measures to ensure your personal and private information is kept highly secure. We ask only for information that is absolutely necessary in order to get you approved.
  • No Fee Unless We Are Successful You don’t pay us anything until you have been paid by the CRA! This keeps us highly motivated to get your application approved!
  • Quick Approval We have invested in processes and technology allowing us to get money into your pockets faster.


  • Swift was established to help solve the undeniable problems and inefficiencies with the Disability Tax Credit. We provide a simple solution to get Canadians approved.
  • The problem? Thousands of Canadians with eligible conditions are unaware that they may
    qualify, and thousands more have applied to be wrongly denied.
  • We eliminate the complexities of applying for the Disability Tax Credit and ensure that the
    maximum benefits are received. We are here to help fix the problem and assist tax-paying Canadians in collecting the financial benefits they deserve.
  • How do we do this? We leverage our experience, tax expertise, technology, and passion
    for helping others to win for our clients. Our staff are highly motivated to win your claim!

OUR MISSION at Swift is to offer the most secure and simple Disability Tax Credit application process.

Our Core Values
  • Work Ethic
    Commitment to giving 100% for our customers 
  • Security
    Ensuring the highest level of protection of client information and demanding a safe and secure workplace
  • Transparency
    Providing clarity and openness with our community and our customers
  • Community
    Striving to make an impact, promote inclusivity, and support individuals across Canada
  • Reliability
    Achieving our commitments and delivering on our promises
  • Respect
    A capacity for empathy and understanding in working with different individuals,
    organizations, and circumstances
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