Why do people get denied?

There are a few key reasons why more than 1 million Canadians have yet to qualify for the DTC:

The term “disability” – Individuals often think that in order to qualify you must be unable to work. In reality, in order to claim the credits and receive a refund from the CRA – you and/or your spouse must be paying taxes! As a result of this misconception, thousands of Canadians believe the should not apply.

  • A complicated process – Arguably the biggest challenge of obtaining DTC approval is learning how to complete the process and what information to include on the form.
  • Lack of awareness – The tax system is not easy to navigate and the CRA does not make an effort to educate Canadians on tax matters. Thousands of Canadians are unaware that their health condition may qualify or that the DTC even exists.

Click here for a list of common conditions that may qualify

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