Who Can Sign My DTC Certificate?

Who can sign my Disability Tax Credit Certificate?

Who Can Sign My Disability Tax Credit Certificate?Part A of the DTC certificate (T2201) is for the applicant to sign and complete. The first page of the application requests personal information such as the applicants name, address, SIN , and birth date. Part B of the application (pages 2-5), is for the medical practitioner to complete. The information contained in pages 2-5 is crucial to an approved application.

Part B is the most important section of your Disability Tax Credit application as it documents the individual’s health condition and how it restricts them daily. The CRA will closely review this section to determine whether a individual satisfies the criteria and is approved.

Swift Disability Services understands what it takes to get applicants approved – Which results in an average refund of more than $10,000 paid to the individual by the CRA.

At Swift, we complete all aspects of the DTC application (from beginning to end), removing any stress or concerns about being denied. Our experts do a thorough assessment with you, prepare the application using verbiage sought by the CRA, and work with the medical practitioner to ensure a perfect application is submitted to the CRA.

What happens if a person does not have access to a medical doctor or if their doctor refuses to sign and complete Part B of the form?

If this occurs, one solution is to find another doctor who will support your DTC claim; it does not have to be your family doctor. Any certified medical practitioner can sign your application and support your claim as long as they have medical records on file supporting the details listed on the application.


Here is a list of medical practitioners that can certify your disability tax credit certificate:

Medical practitioner  Can certify:
Medical doctor All sections
Nurse practitioner All sections
Optometrist Vision
Audiologist Hearing
Occupational therapist Walking, feeding, dressing, and the cumulative effect of these activities
Physiotherapist Walking
Psychologist Performing the mental functions necessary for everyday life
Speech-language pathologist Speaking


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